B R I G H T   M I N D S
Program Overview

Our program is developed and delivered through free remote classes by industry leaders.

Strong Lecturers

We have consolidated the community of former olympic performers of Armenian descent from all over the world.

Targeted Educational Program

We develop instructional materials in cooperation with the most prominent specialists in the field of competitive teaching.


We organize remote olympic classes for Armenian students lead by these very top performers and mentors trained by them.

Why is it important

As profoundly important as the quality of general education is, a special, appropriate development of exceptional talent is absolutely critical for a nation's prosperity in the 21st century [2]. For a rough estimate, if 5% of Armenian population can be considered exceptionally gifted in STEM directions (see [1] for a US analysis), this amounts to 1-2 students in an average class, or 1600 students in each grade 1-12 (19.000 overall) [3]. Our estimates show that less than 10% of these exceptionally gifted Armenian students have access to truly competitive training and preparation in subjects they could potentially excel in.


Of Armenian students population

Potentially gifted


Grades 1-12

Gifted students
in all grades.


Out of all gifted students

Have access to truly competitive training.

The ultimate goal of the program is to make internationally competitive problem-solving classes available to every Armenian student. As a result, in several years the concentration of highly successful Armenian youth will produce a qualitative jump in the structure of the labour market and society as a whole.

Be a part of change

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