B R I G H T   M I N D S

We create the next generation of top performers in STEM subjects

By leveraging the academic olympic movement. International level top class performers teach Armenian students competitive problem-solving skills.

What is olympic movement?

An extracurricular program for advanced studies aimed to create the best conditions for talented students to deepen their knowledge, develop both analytical and creative thinking - the critical skills needed for applying non-standard approaches to solve complex issues.

The Benefits

Participation in olympic classes has a lifelong impact on students.

Out-of-box Thinking

The student learns to solve non-standard problems and develops out-of-box thinking. Finding the solution requires both research and true understanding of the material.

Healthy Competition

Academic olympiads are the epitome of healthy competition. The spirit of competition forces the students to push their limits, not to be out-competed by the smart and hardworking peers.

Facing Challenges

The students learn to operate under stress, in a highly competitive environment. This creates resilience and prepares them for achievements in the latter stages of life.

Our Mission

To unite established top performers of Armenian descent worldwide with the aim of leveraging their collective capabilities and transferring their skills to the next generation of top performers.

Our Vision

The early discovery and special education of exceptionally talented youth is key to the formation of a nation's professional elite and the full realization of the human potential, as well as the basis of meritocracy in the society. We believe that these ingredients are essential for the development of Armenia and Armenians as a progressive and competitive nation.

Be a part of change

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